About Risk Mitigation Solutions

What is Risk Mitigation Solutions

Risk Mitigation Solutions is a boutique outsourced risk management provider.  Our team of risk management professionals provides full service risk management services to clients that range from individuals to small and medium sized companies.  Outsourcing risk management services is not a new concept; however the Risk Mitigation Solutions model is new.  Our model is not a service per say, it is a department.  We allow you to have the resources and service that comes with creating and maintaining an entire risk management department without the expense.

Outsource v. In-House

The benefits of having an outsourced risk management department can be substantial.  Traditional risk management departments have what we call operational memory and responsiveness.  This is similar to muscle memory in the human body.  The members of risk departments traditional have a set task level and respond to risks as they arise, however having RMS as your risk department prevents this as our team is focus only on risk related issues and have no other task ownership within your organization.   In addition to the effectiveness of an outsourced risk team the expenses are dramatically reduced.  Starting with the human capital expenditures outsourcing eliminates additional insurance and employment related expenses involved in having an in house risk management department.


Because we provide risk management services to more than one client our buying power in the technology sector often results in reduced costs and increased industry awareness.   This allows our team to constantly increase our technology footprint and provide our clients with the services and industry leading products to meet their risk management needs.


Risk Mitigation Solutions provides 24 hours risk management response for our clients through our 24 Hour Risk Center®.  Our state of the art monitoring center provides Immediate Response System™ service to clients with our RMS Video Management Systems in place and on call incident response to our OS Risk Management clients.  This allows our clients to contact the Risk Center® should an incident arise and have immediate access to risk management professionals to help manage the client’s response. In addition to incident response which is initiated by the client our Risk Center® also provides center initiated response for law enforcement and fire agencies to clients participating in our Immediate Response System™ service.

Our Commitment to You

Risk Mitigation Solutions is dedicated to our clients.  We spend every day working to find better ways to protect the assets of our clients.  With these goals in mind we commit that we will always stay focus on what is best for our clients; work every day to protect your interests and always put your success first.